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Professional Projects

  • Prepaid Toll Management - Implemented PrePass tolls/bypass into a Fleet of 450 units, setup internal process to monitor offenders with weekly reporting, integrated unit expense into profitability statements

  • Power BI Implementation - Introduced Power BI to a company with a high acceptance rate. Implemented various Operational, Sales, Recruiting and Accounting specific dashboards and reports

  • Quarterly Customer Profitability - Defined, and established a process to report net income per customer using activity-based costing and proper assumptions where necessary

  • Data Warehouse Implementation - Managed and Administered the implementation of a Data Warehouse using HelpSystem's Data Warehouse tool. Actively developed new ETL's and solutions with the tool daily

  • Lane Rating Tool - Developed an in-house lane rating tool to better help Sales with large rating schedules (100+ lanes)

  • Driver Pay Calculator - Redeployed a starting pay calculator utilizing Microsoft's Power Apps platform

  • Quarterly Safety Bonus Calculation - Developed a means of calculating a safety bonus for driving professional if they qualified given a multitude of criteria such as CSA scores, accidents/incidents, training assignments completion, HOS compliance etc...

  •  Daily Revenue Reporting - Distribute daily reporting for month to date tracking by revenue type

  • Forecasting Fiscal Revenue and Expense - Contribute annually to the forecasting of the company's budget

  • Weekly Company Scorecard - Developed a weekly scorecard for the company to track and monitor performance in multiple departments

  • Power BI Administration and Implementation - Introduced Power BI to the transportation department of a second company with a high acceptance rate. Managed all aspects of the Analytics initiative: report conceptualization and creation, maintenance and distribution.

  • Trailer Demurrage Tracking - Developed an on demand Trailer storage dashboard within Power BI utilizing multiple stage tables which held temporary trailer positions to then be stored in a historical table for tracking. In conjunction with a PowerApp for Operational users to comment and confirm the storage was taking place.

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